Case Files

Case Package

The RITC 2018 Case Package is available at the following link: RITC 2018 Case Package
To learn more about the cases and updates, please visit our Case FAQ section on this website.
*Update (Feb 2nd): Algo case maximum order size, conversion amount, and limits section in page 44 and 45 have been updated to be consistent with the equation in page 44 and with the practice server file.

The RITC 2018 Scoring Methodology and Prizes are available at the following link:
Scoring Methodology and Prizes

Practice Servers

Flow Traders ETF Case - port 16510
BP Commodities Case - port 16520
MATLAB Volatility Trading Case - port 16530
Fixed Income Case - port 16540
Schonfeld Algorithmic Trading Case - port 16550 - port 16560 - port 16570 - port 16580
S&P Global Quantitative Outcry Case - port 16625
Details on how to access the practice servers can be found in the case package in the section "Important Information".

Practice Sessions

Four practice sessions will be run at the following dates and times:
(BP Case only) Tuesday, February 6th at 10:00am EST
(BP Case only) Friday, February 9th at 2:00pm EST
(All cases - starting with BP Commodities Case) Monday, February 12th at 5:00pm EST
(All cases - starting with BP Commodities Case) Thursday, February 15th at 5:00pm EST
All participants are encouraged to connect to the practice servers of the appropriate case at the times listed above. Further details will be distributed via email.

Additional Support Files

Before downloading any of the files below, please uninstall the previous version of the RIT RTD/API links and then install the new one. You can download the most recent version from the RIT Downloads webpage. Please follow the RIT - Client and RTD Installation Instructions when installing the RIT RTD/API links for Excel.

  • Flow Traders ETF Case Performance Evaluation Tool
  • MATLAB Volatility Trading Case Penalties Computation Tool
  • Schonfeld Algorithmic Trading Case Base Algorithm template
  • Quantitative Outcry Case Tutorial for Quantitative Outcry

  • RIT Documentation

  • RIT - Client and RTD Installation Instructions
  • Quick Start Guide to the RIT Client
  • Quick Start Guide to the RTD (Excel links)
  • Quick Start Guide to the VBA API commands
  • Tutorial - Connect the RIT and MATLAB

  • RIT Related Downloads

    Please check the RIT Downloads page for instructions on downloading:
  • Rotman Interactive Trader Client v2.0
  • RIT RTD/API for Microsoft Excel 32-bit
  • RIT RTD/API for Microsoft Excel 64-bit
  • Please check the RIT Videos page for a series of videos that will get you started on how to use the RIT Client.

    MathWorks (creators of MATLAB) is sponsoring RITC 2018 and they will make their software available to all of the participants. To ask for a free trial of MATLAB, please see the offer of complimentary software.

    For video tutorials and more information on MathWorks' involvement with RITC, click here.

    To use MATLAB in conjunction with the RIT, please follow the instructions below:
    1. Install MATLAB on your PC. Please install the 32bit version if you have Excel 32bit and install MATLAB 64bit if you have Excel 64bit.
    2. Download the RIT toolbox from
      RIT Toolbox for MATLAB
    3. Install the toolbox. Please note that it only works with MATLAB 2014b or newer.
    4. Follow the tutorial to stream data and trade using MATLAB available at:
      Tutorial - Connect the RIT and MATLAB