Case Files

RITC 2018 Case Package will be released closer to the competition date.

Please contact for any inquiries.

MathWorks (creators of MATLAB) is sponsoring RITC 2017 and they will make their software available to all of the participants. To ask for a free trial of MATLAB, please see the offer of complimentary software.

For video tutorials and more information on MathWorks' involvement with RITC, click here.

To use MATLAB in conjunction with the RIT, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Install MATLAB on your PC. Please install the 32bit version if you have Excel 32bit and install MATLAB 64bit if you have Excel 64bit.
  2. Download the RIT toolbox from
    RIT Toolbox for MATLAB
  3. Install the toolbox. Please note that it only works with MATLAB 2014b or newer.
  4. Follow the tutorial to stream data and trade using MATLAB available at:
    Tutorial - Connect the RIT and MATLAB