About Rotman International Trading Competition
The Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC) is an annual event that brings teams of students and their faculty advisors from universities worldwide to participate in a unique 3-day simulated market challenge. RITC 2020 marked the 17th anniversary of this trading competition, currently the world's largest.

Teams are invited to participate in various activities including electronic and outcry trading cases, seminars with industry practitioners, and social events with their fellow competitors from around the world. In past years, RITC participants have competed in a diverse range of cases including open outcry, options, liquidity and algorithmic trading. Faculty advisors are invited not only to coach and observe their teams, but also to participate in various workshops on the RIT Market Simulator, the software used to run the competition.

RITC is consistently innovating, bringing new developments to its own competition with each successive year. Each year classic cases are re-vamped and new cases are added.

The competition has grown not just in scope, but also in international exposure. Last year, RITC hosted 52 teams from 52 different universities from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. The global representation grants a valuable opportunity for like-minded future finance professionals to meet their peers from across the globe.

18th edition of Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC) 2022
Given the challenges of the current pandemic situation around the world, it has proven difficult to host RITC 2022 in its original in-person format. However, we are committed to providing a competition experience to our valued participants in this challenging year by hosting the 18th edition of Rotman International Trading Competition 2022, to be held online on Friday, February 25th, 2022.

RITC 2022 feature an innovative set of RIT Decision Cases, delivered on the RIT Market Simulator platform, allowing participating teams to compete by identifying trading opportunities across a wide range of realistic simulated scenarios.

RITC 2022 registartion will open on December 22nd, 2021 at 08:00 EDT